Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween from FU e=fu8

I need a super hero lover
(Super lover, super lover)
I need a super hero lover
(I e yeah e oh)
I need a super hero lover
(super lover, super lover)
I need a super hero lover
(i e yeaaaaah eeeeeee oh) --Superhero Lover by Daze
The song/lyrics above inspired us for this photoshoot.
Please post image & text below as you see fit. Thank you.
Happy Halloween:
Just in time for Halloween, FU e=fu8 Underwear is the perfect addition to any Halloween costume.
Trick or treat!!!!
Model is DeAngelo O Scales 
Vaughn Stewart  -- Photographer


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Friday, October 25, 2013

New FU e=fu8 images from Chicago

Fall is in the air, & with the new season, it is time to fall in love with new underwear that will keep you snug when the weather starts to dip.
The most beautiful & unforgettable men in the world wear FU e=fu8 Underwear, because they know that life is short, & prefer to spend their time maximizing their pleasure principle....
Dare to express yourself and wear something new.
Made in NYC.

Images courtesy of JSAI,

Shot at various locations in Chicago.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Badjock 2 of 2

These images were shot with a lot of water reflecting, hence the gorgeous lighting, that looks like he is out by a resort poolside.


Fu : Badjock Underwear 1 of 2

Happy October! Hope your weekend has been super!
Below is a new underwear line started by a designer friend of mine, called Badjock.
Badjock is made in Manhattan, NYC.
Stylish, sexy, hot men's underwear for the bad boy in all you, just waiting to be discovered & unleased.
Who knew being bad could be so good....
Model: David Alexander
Makeup artist/ hair stylist: FU & Vaughn Stewart
Photographer: Vaughn Stewart


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