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FASHIONABLY MALE is pleased to announce this new fresh male model management by Beatrice Model (agency) and Tobin Alexander Creative & Marketing (Creative/Consultant) an exclusive interview and see this new sexy session for FU e=fu8 Underwear all exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Fashionably Male: Hi, this is Chris from Fashionably Male, we are so exciting to have you here with us and talk with you and get to know you better, please tell us a little bit background of yourself.

Martin Migschitz: I was born in Vienna, Austria, but i grew up in Mannersdorf, quite a small town 40 mins away from Vienna. Well, first of all you should know that sport plays such an important role in my life. I would say that sport is my drug haha that is why i am studying science of sport in the University of Vienna.

FM: How did you get discovered?

MM: Well, some friends always told me to get into the fashion scene, to try it as a professional model but I never thought about it but things changed after even my girlfriend told me to participate at this big model contest here in Vienna. (Michael Gstoettner was discovered there as well) and I won it in the age of 21. The first big shooting was two days later for the “Madonna Magazine” cover.

FM: How do you balance your personal life and modelling career?.

MM: I have to admit, it’s quite busy to handle both things, but it is doable. Right now I am doing my internship for university aswell, so there is nearly any personal time for me but i like that!
Management is the key success, if you want to be better than others, you have to work more than others easy as that!

FM: What do your family and friends think about your being a model? Do they treat you differently?

MM: Not at all, and i really appreciate it! My family and friends always treated me the same – there’s absolutely no reason to treat me differently just because I am modeling.

FM: What do you have to sacrifice to become a model?

MM: I love that question, really I do. Long story short, really much. I had to loose about 22 pounds of muscles if i wanted to work well, and that is really A LOT! I trained so hard to gain all that weight and suddenly i have to loose it, it was a horrible. The other thing was my hair, i always had really really short hair and i was used to go to the haircutter at least once a month and now i had to let it grow and grow and grow … it was a nightmare
FM:A stereotype of a “male model” is that they’re dumb, what’s your view on this?

MM: It’s like in any other business, there are some who are dumb and some who are clever and smart, but the majorty is actually studying in Universities, so to speak „all male models are dumb“ is pure prejudice and enviousness.

FM: What do you think about fashion industry nowadays? What’s the best part?  and the worst?

MM: Fashion industry moves faster and faster nowadays. The good part goes hand in hand with the bad part, if you are “wanted” then you are going to work a lot, but none knows how long your success will hold on.
 FM: What’s your opinion about designer’s obsession with skinny models?

MM: Personally I dislike skinny models, i mean i get the designers` point why they pick them for fashion campaigns and stuff. They are not working out at all, some are looking unhealty and they still pick them. Take a look back 20 – 30 years ago, that’s how a topmodel has to look like.

FM: Do you prefer runway or shoot?

MM:  I love both!

FM: What’s your most memorable modelling job?

MM: 4 Weeks after the contest, i got my first runway job for DsQuared2 at the Vienna lifeball 2011, walking in front of 50.000 of people was a huge thing, specially if you are new in the scene!

FM: Since you’re in a competitive industry, how do you handle rejection? what’s the worst comment you’ve ever had from the clients?

MM:  It was smth like swining his hands  to the side, followed up by „Non, grazie“ .. but i still love the italian food :P

FM: What is your personal style?

MM:  I am in love with my tanktops combined with a leather jacket and cool jeans.

FM: How do you kill time during the shoots or the shows?

MM: Usually i have to learn, but mostly I am joking around and telling funny stories to

Thanks again to Martin! Remember if you wanna know more about him go to:
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Photographer: Paz Stammler

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