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STUD : Mad About Man, Mad About Underwear

At STUD, we are mad about underwear. If we are not, we would not be doing it of course. There is a veritable archive collection of underwear housed at our headquarters accessible to only us.

Underwear has come a long way from the primitive loincloths in ancient history to codpieces in the renaissance period to frumpy and inconvenient long johns in the industrial age. Fashion or looking good was never a selling point.

Modern underwear began in the 1930s with the era of the Y-fronts and traditional boxer shorts.

Then the revolution started with the dawn of the 80s with Calvin Klein, a brand ingrained so indelibly into popular culture. Who could forget Michael J Fox in Back to the Future with his Calvins and 'super large' Mark Wahlberg ads for that matter? Men everywhere including us at STUD have so much to thank Calvin for.

As impressionable boys growing up in the 80s, it probably first sparked our interest in underwear.

The 90s and the new millennium saw the explosion of underwear brands from luxury designers muscling in with their own lines to new independent labels catering to niche markets.

Underwear has certainly come a long way and so has Man. Men who preen, compare and compete with other men to look their best. Men who want to feel desirable and be desired. We want to know we are looking great inside out in the locker room, in the workplace, in the club and in the bedroom. We encourage you to own your DNA!

And we at STUD hope we can help you to be that Man.
Wear it Proud!


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