Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Peter D Brown Photography : New DMK model PAULO GRILLO

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A message from Peter D Brown Photography :


Its been a while... but, I think you'll find this one worth the wait!
Here's my latest story featuring the gorgeous new Brazilian model Paulo Grillo... Enjoy~

New York photographer Peter D. Brown ( recently shot hot new Brazilian model Paulo Grillo in a gorgeous, seductive Editorial shoot for DMK-Designs. Sexy Paulo has smoldering matinee idol good looks~  dark brown bedroom eyes, sensuous full lips with a killer ripped body -and he certainly has the "full package". 

He exposes that sexy physique in DMK's new underwear styles... including their Spring colors in the Down Under Enhancing collection, the new sheer/retro print styles, a new jock from the Black & White collection, and more. Paulo is fully pumped and ready to release his manly charms.

You can see more shots of Paulo (uniquetalentmgmt) and other hot models in hot new designs, including their new (fully) SHEER collections, at - be sure to check out the After Dark and Photo Gallery sections!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Denis Dwan Photography : New Model Stu Cali

A message from Denis Dwan Photography...

Hello from Australia

Well its March and Autumn/Fall here in Australia..... and Denis Dwan has come up with an Autumn surprise

Introducing Stu Cali .. age 27

He is an electrician and works hard in the gym, he loves traveling, training hard, eating healthy and meeting new people..

He loves the modeling opportunities and I am sure you will agree he has an awesome body as an electrician.

Stu has entered a competiton as Australia's Hottest Tradie  Please vote for him

You can see more of Stu at

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Underwear Day Brazil 2011

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